LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A man was shot to death at a Little Rock apartment complex Wednesday and police are still trying to find the person responsible.

The victim’s family is now speaking out to get some answers and is hoping this doesn’t turn into a cold case.

Photos laid out on the table from graduations and family gatherings are now all that’s left of Mary Franklin’s son after he was killed last Wednesday.

“You can’t describe the pain that I feel,” Franklin said. “The only thing we want is answers like why. Why would you kill my son?”

Officials with the Little Rock Police Department said officers were called to the Bella Vista Apartments around 8 p.m. Wednesday night for a shots fired call. When officers got there, they said they found Marquis Harper dead.

His mother said she had dropped him off at the apartment complex to get his hair done.

“He called me at 7:40 p.m. and said, ‘Momma be here in 15 minutes,’ so by the time I get there, I see the ambulance and I see everybody was outside,” Franklin described. “My son was laying on the breezeway dead.”

Marquis had just turned 21 at the beginning of October. Weeks later his life was cut short.

“You can never rest, sleep, that’s hurtful you know. You can’t describe the pain that I feel,” Franklin stated.

“Fifteen shots to his body, that’s more than what I would call overkill,” community activist Mark Cannon said. “That’s savagery.”

Cannon works with families who have lost loved ones to violence.

“We need answers, someone out there knows something,” he said. “Someone knows something, and we are just asking people to come forth, do the right thing.”

“If you have a heart, hopefully you will turn yourself in because it’s not going to go away,” Franklin said. “We are fighting until the end for Marquis Harper because we love him.”

Police said they still don’t have any suspects in the case at this time.