SHERWOOD, Ark. – Those on scene and in contact with those in the building of a Sherwood hospital shooting incident shared their experiences.

KARK reporter Samantha Boyd spoke with witnesses of the Wednesday event and heard stories of gunshots and barricaded doors at CHI St. Vincent hospital.

One man had been inside the hospital while his father was in surgery. He said he heard the warning over the hospital’s intercom.

“We heard ‘Active shooter, fourth floor,’” he told Boyd, adding that he heard it several times in succession. He then, with others, went into a nearby bathroom and barricaded the door.

Another woman was waiting outside for further news, having spoken with some coworkers inside the building as the shooting unfolded.

She said she had called a friend who worked on the fourth floor to see if she was all right.

Her friend told the woman she was going up the steps to the floor and heard gunshots.

“My first thought was ‘It could have been us,’” the woman told Boyd.

Summing up her experience as someone who worked in the hospital and had friends among coworkers was difficult.

“So,” and she paused to collect her thoughts, “um … it’s crazy.”