LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Hot Spring County Sheriff Scott Finkbeiner gave a public statement claiming innocence Monday after he was charged with obstructing a federal investigation.

Finkbeiner was charged Friday with obstruction of justice in the Western District of Arkansas Court. The single count of obstruction was tied to acts in August related to an FBI investigation of an alleged drug house in the county in August.

Finkbeiner posted Monday afternoon on the Hot Spring County Sheriff’s Department Facebook page. He indicated he had been advised not to discuss the case then continue to state “I did not obstruct justice in any way.”

“I want to start by saying please pray for my family and friends! This has been a nightmare for all of us. We are working on my legal defense and I have been advised by legal counsel to not discuss my case until the appropriate time. However, I do want to emphatically say I DID NOT OBSTRUCT JUSTICE in any way!! In fact it is the contrary. Thank you for the huge outpouring of support!! Its my hope that you can all come to the trial and see the truth! I will discuss more at a later date.”

Facebook post to Hot Spring County Sherrif’s Office page, Nov. 11

The statement ended with “Thank you!!” and “Sheriff Scott Finkbeiner.”

KARK 4 News has confirmed that Finkbeiner has not resigned his position as Hot Spring County Sheriff. 

During the Friday hearing, the court was told by the prosecutor that being an elected official, the only way Finkbeiner could lose his position was by resigning.

Finkbeiner posted bond shortly after the Friday hearing.