LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – One Hillcrest family is asking for help after a video camera documenting their baby’s life was stolen.

The theft happened the Tuesday before Christmas on Oakwood Road.

Jenella Shelton said she first noticed something was wrong that morning when she spotted items of her wallet strewn around her driveway. After opening the car door, she realized she had accidentally left the door unlocked the night before and someone had rifled through her purse. The thief made away with some cash out of her wallet as well as the Sony 4k camcorder she hid in the backseat.

“I have been using that same memory card for the past 10 months,” Shelton said, explaining how she had brought the camera to a nephew’s birthday party the day prior.

Although the camcorder will be a pricey item to replace, Shelton says the one item she wants back is the memory card, which was full of her infant daughter’s “firsts” – taking her home from the hospital, meeting family members for the first time, and memories made since the day she was born. She says although some memories were captured on her phone as well, the vast majority were recorded on the camcorder.

“I was devastated,” Shelton remembers when she realized the camera was gone. “[It had] a lot of those first moments, like the first time she ate food, you know, her first bath.”

Shelton says she has filed a police report, but the camera has no distinguishing features besides what’s recorded in its memory. She asks that people keep an eye out for that type of camera being sold online or in-person and check the SD card to see if it’s hers.

“If someone finds it and can see what’s on it, I hope they hear this story and hopefully they can return it back to me because it’s really special,” she said, adding it can even be anonymously left on her doorstep or with police.

The camera is a black Sony 4k HD camcorder, model number FDRAX53/B.