GLENWOOD, Ark. – Arkansas State Police are investigating after a family of three is found dead in their Pike County home.

The family was first discovered by a relative Sunday afternoon on Baker Road in Glenwood. 25-year-old David Sawyer Claborn, his wife, 24-year-old Meredith Claborn, and the couple’s 23- month-old daughter were all found dead.

Pike County Sheriff Travis Hill says it appears to be a double-murder, suicide. It is believed to be an isolated incident, and Arkansas State Police say they are not searching for any suspects at this time.

Mayor Billy Smith says this type of tragedy is rare for the area and has hit the entire community hard. The family was well known in the recreation industry and many people in the city had interacted with them.

“It just reaches up and grabs your heart,” Smith said, adding that many community families have reached out looking for answers or wanting to send their condolences to relatives. “It’s something no one should have to deal with.”

Police Chief Clark Kinzler adds that in his years of law enforcement, this particular case hit hard.

“This kept me awake,” Kinzler said. “All that really matters is just making sure you find out what happened and what the truth is. We owe this to our victims, and we owe this to our families.”

The bodies have been sent to the Arkansas State Crime Lab to determine a cause of death.