Garland County Sheriff: About 70 Break-Ins in 6 Weeks

GARLAND COUNTY, Arkansas- The Garland County Sheriff said his department's seen about 70 break-ins the last six weeks.

It has prompted Sheriff Mike McCormick to remind people to double check your locks. 

He said it's not just a spike in his county. He said some of the thieves hitting his county appear to be hitting surrounding counties and nearby cities, too. 

We met Roy Fowler who lives on Treasure Isle. 

We learned from GCSO part of that road was targeted by a group of thieves on Wednesday night. 

Fowler described what he woke up to Thursday, "The door was standing like this right here. (It was) Wide open."

He said nothing was taken from his car that had a door left open. 

"There's some change in the console. They didn't take that," he said.

We met him Thursday - the day after his quiet lakefront neighborhood felt the spike of recent break-ins happening around Garland County.

"So, this was a little bit alarming to me," Fowler told us.

We sat down with Garland County Sheriff Mike McCormick Thursday afternoon. 

"We've isolated it to about 4 different groups that are moving around Garland County, but they aren't just staying within the county," the sheriff said.

He said the criminals are snatching anything they can sell. He said the groups appear to target unlocked cars and open garages. He said wallets to sunglasses to guns have been reported stolen. 

"Out of say 70 break-ins, probably only 5 or 6 were forcibly entered by breaking the glass or prying a door open of some type," the Sheriff said.  

Sheriff McCormick said he's added more manpower to solve the cases. He stressed people need to lock their car doors at night.  

He said, "A lot of these crimes are crimes of opportunity. Let's take the opportunity away from the criminals," he encouraged people in his county. 

Fowler said he did not file a report with GCSO because nothing was taken out of his car. However, both the sheriff and investigators told us they still want to hear from people just like him because something that may seem so small may help them solve these cases. 

GCSO told us neighborhoods hit by thieves in this recent spike include neighborhoods near Marion Anderson and South Moore.

We learned from GCSO last year (2017) was the third straight year for crime to drop. 

"Overall crime in Garland County declined by 11.6% in 2017 in comparison to crime during the 2016, ACIC crime statistics show,” the sheriff’s office release reads. 

It continued to read: “Sheriff McCormick noted that Garland County saw fewer incidents of violent and property crimes in 2017. crimes against persons declined 14% and property crimes dropped 12.15% in 2017."

If you have any information about the break-ins contact the Garland County Sheriff's Office. 

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