HOT SPRINGS, Ark – Hot Springs Police made an arrest in a reported kidnapping case that had most of Garland County and the state on the lookout.

Hot Springs Police have arrested 38-year-old Samuel Wayne Bolling out of Nashville, TN and 19-year-old Dayla Diane Ferrer out of Memphis, TN.

Both are facing charges with the kidnapping of a 17-year-old out of Hot Springs. They are being held at the Garland County Detention Center with zero Bond.

The two are also facing charges of Aggravated Robbery, Battery in the First Degree, and False Imprisonment in the First Degree.

According to HSPD, Bolling and Ferrer were arrested in the 4800 block of Central Ave. in Hot Springs around 5:52 Tuesday night.

The arrest came just hours after the teen was located at a liquor store on the same street.

“My husband calls and starts screaming that we have her,” said Falshia Spoon, the teen’s grandmother.

Spoon says it was a moment full of emotion.

Video surveillance pulled from the Cash and Carry Liquor Store on Central Avenue shows the teen walking out from a nearby alley and walking into the store.

Our station was told by liquor store employees the teen walked in and asked the cashier to call her mom.

Moments later, police and family arrive.

“I started screaming and I couldn’t drive fast enough,” said Spoon.

Spoon said the family is thankful for the work done by police to help bring the teen home.

“They work fast, they worked hard, and they hit every tip they could find,” said Spoon.

The teen was taken to the hospital Tuesday with minor injuries. Wednesday, she is at home with family.

Bolling and Ferrer were expected to appear in court Wednesday afternoon, which has been pushed back to a later date.

Updates to follow.