NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — North Little Rock police said 17-year-old Tahmarcus Stewart was arrested on a warrant for murder in connection to a homicide in March.

The family of the victim, 13-year-old Arianna Staggers is reacting to the news Friday. 

Although the family is still mourning the loss of Arianna, they feel another step closer to justice now that an arrest has been made.

“We started to give up hope, we didn’t know if they were ever going to find him,” Uncle LaReem Staggers said. “So we were excited when they captured him.”

A sense of relief from Staggers after an arrest was made in his niece’s case.

“He’s been on the run for quite some time now, and we were giving up hope just a little bit,” Staggers said.

North Little Rock detectives say they received a tip that Stewart was hiding in an apartment complex in Arlington, Texas. 

Arlington police and U.S. Marshals tracked him down Thursday and made the arrest.

“That gave us faith back in the system that they were going to do the right thing and capture him,” Staggers said.

In March, NLRPD responded to a call about a shooting on Healy Drive. When police arrived they found Ariana dead.

“Of course she died way way way too young,” Staggers said.

Staggers said his niece will never be forgotten.

“Arianna was a beautiful soul, beautiful child,” Staggers said. “Bright spirited, loved everyone, she gave great hugs.”

He said the impact she had on the lives of others will live on. 

“Arianna was a singer, her hobby was singing, she had a beautiful voice,” Staggers said. “She was just a beautiful child and we are going to remember those beautiful memories of her.”

Police said Stewart will be extradited back to Arkansas sometime next week. The family said Arianna will be missed.