LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – A family posted a $10,000 reward to get answers they have been waiting eight years for.

Gabriel Carter was shot and killed at his home in 2015, and since then the family has not received a conviction.

“I’m nauseated, I’m sick,” Gabriel’s sister Crystal Carter said.

Eight years ago on Fillmore Street, Gabriel Carter, a brother, a son, and a father, was shot and killed at his home around 4:00 p.m.

“I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m hurt,” Crystal stated.

Blue lights and yellow tape, Crystal said it’s a scene she will never forget.

“The police were there, the coroners were there, the whole neighborhood is out on the streets,” and “my heart was racing, my mind was racing, I felt like I couldn’t breathe,” Crystal said.

According to a police report, there were two suspects that drove away from Gabriel’s house on Fillmore Street.

They were able to track one of them down, “they thought him to be a suspect, but he had evidence that he was at work so it wasn’t him,” Crystal said.

Leaving the family back at square one.

Now years have passed, and still no answers.

“I don’t sleep at night,” Crystal said. “We don’t know, he doesn’t have any justice. we know what happened to him, but we don’t know who did it, why.”

Left to reminisce on photos and memories, and one of the only articles of clothing they have left is a pair of Air Force Ones.

“I feel like I am a little bit broken, and nothing will be able to put back the pieces, nothing,” Crystal said.

The family put out a reward of $10,000 for an arrest and conviction.

“I’m still waiting, and I still will wait because someone knows, someone knows,” Crystal said.

Police originally were looking for two suspects in a 2000 model Jeep Cherokee.

If anyone has information, contact the Little Rock Police.