PINE BLUFF, Ark. – A family is desperate for answers in an almost seven years old cold case.

Pine Bluff Police said on September 23, 2015, three masked men murdered Keith Wilbert Junior after kicking open his front door and demanding cash. Though other roommates were in the home at the time and unhurt, the investigation has been unsuccessful in finding who is responsible.

In the seven years since the murder, Pine Bluff Police Department has had five different chiefs of police. Wilbert’s family has worked with Chief Hubanks, Chief Whitfield, Chief Sergeant, and Chief Franklin. The fifth chief, Denise Richardson, swore in last month, and the Wilberts want the department to know they are not done asking for every loose end to be tied.

“I will not stop until someone comes forth or someone is arrested,” implored Keith Wilbert Senior.

Year after year, after year, the father has been fighting for his junior. Someone took the 21-year-old’s life in his last year of college, but after seven years Pine Bluff Police only made one arrest which later was reversed because of a lack of evidence.

Kenya Wilbert, Junior’s mother, said even with State Police’s involvement beginning nine months after the death, not enough is being done.

“It gets frustrating because we know that if we were in the position of law enforcement what we could be doing,” Kenya said.

Keith Wilbert Senior said he thinks the closest chance at the evidence, Keith’s roommates, are all out of reach.

“We’ll never know what they know because they’re gone. Everybody was from a different state. St. Louis, Chicago, California. They’re gone,” Wilbert Senior feared.

But as time goes by, they haven’t lost hope. Keith Sr. stated, “I have hope that maybe this new police chief comes in. Maybe a fresh pair of eyes, somebody else, can look at my son’s case in the department and find something that was overlooked.”

That’s their message to other families who look at their loved one’s faces and still wonder who took them away.

“You’re your loved one’s voice. They’re no longer here, but you have a voice still for them,” Kenya urged.

“I can’t lose hope, and I don’t want any parent out there that has lost a loved one to violence to ever lose hope. Make a call, pick up the phone, always seek help,” Keith added.

Our station reached out to Pine Bluff Police and State Police for comment on this case. Our messages were read, but, as of Monday night, we have not received any statement on the murder investigation.

The Wilbert family is still offering a $20,000 reward for information leading to an arrest of those involved with their son’s death.