LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – What should be a day of gratitude has been a day of grief for 75 different families in Little Rock.

Seventy-five is the number of empty chairs around the dinner table tonight, as the city faces the deadliest year on record.

Teresa Moore has been without her husband since April — marking the year of “firsts”. Little Rock Police found Teresa’s husband, Raymond Moore shot and killed in the parking lot of where he worked on East 28th Street. He is the city’s 27th homicide and the case remains unsolved.

“I most definitely wanted to wake up today and — every day — just hear his voice or see his face,” said his wife, Teresa, as she prepared Thanksgiving dinner without Raymond.

Shortly before his death, he and Teresa got pregnant with a baby girl. Teresa is due just before Christmas.

“Having to think about having to deliver without him…it’s so hard,” she said.

Teresa said her fight is focused on keeping her husband’s memory alive and finding who killed her husband. She believes detectives in the case are continuing to work hard to find a suspect, and she hopes to see justice served.

“People don’t even think about how when they take someone’s life, how often it affects their loved ones,” she said.

Moore said this Thanksgiving is much quieter than years past when her husband was here. Thanksgivings before this year were spent with the family having lighthearted arguments over who would cook, and going from house to house to visit family members.

This Thanksgiving, the Moore family stayed home, remembering Raymond.

“The feeling…just being in the Thanksgiving or holiday spirit… it’s just not it,” Teresa said.

Little Rock Police are urging you, if you know anything at all about the murder of Raymond Moore, to give them a call. There is a $10,000 reward for anyone with information leading to an arrest/conviction regarding the homicide.