MAYFLOWER, Ark. – Eight cars hit, their tires slashed, all in one Mayflower neighborhood.

Mayflower Police Department officers are still looking for who’s responsible, but they said they believe it is a juvenile.

Police said the person in charge didn’t steal any valuables that were in plain sight of the vehicles, just slashed tires.

“It just sucks, it’s sad,” woman whose tires were slashed, Jana Skinner said.

On Sept 20, in the middle of the night, neighbors were woken up unexpectedly.

“I was woken up at 3 in the morning with my neighbor banging on my door saying that our tires were slashed,” Skinner said.

Jana Skinner lives at the end of Norwood Drive and Paradise Circle.

Her car has been without two tires for almost a week, and the cost for new ones, a pretty penny.

“It cost be $100 just to get used tires. Two used tires cost $100 and for me just getting them off and on is a hassle,” Skinner stated.

Mayflower Police said while the police were called out to the neighborhood, the person was still out committing the crimes, where they were out of sight of the police.

The motive is still yet to be determined.

“It looked to be a male juvenile running through the neighborhood letting air out of the tires through the valve stem, or stabbing them with a pocketknife,” Lieutenant for the Mayflower Police Department Taylor Decker said. “Just doing it to do it, unfortunately it cost a lot of people a lot of money.”

“No reason, no reason at all we are just waiting to see what goes on there’s not going to be any justice anyways if they have anybody, I mean we aren’t going to be reimbursed for the stuff anyways, so it’s a loss/loss,” Skinner said.

Mayflower Police said they do have someone in mind who is responsible, and are still working to fully identify the person.

The person responsible to be charged with criminal mischief and will be in charge of paying the total in damages which is around $1,500.