Driver involved in Thursday afternoon shootout in Conway with Arkansas State Trooper identified


CONWAY, Ark. – On Thursday state police were involved in a chase and exchanged gunfire with 25-year-old Edward Lee House, Jr. of Little Rock whom they later apprehended.

It started as a normal day for Cory Sanders until this incident occurred outside his accounting office.  He initially thought it was just a vehicle accident.

“Went outside to look and as soon as I opened the door you could see a cop car had pulled in and then you hear gunshots and you see the glass spraying where the gunshots were hitting the cop car’s windshield,” Sanders said.

After seeing the shots he immediately went back inside his office and him and his staff hid in one of their back offices and locked the door.

Sanders was able to watch on his security camera feed the incident unfold as House, Jr. ran around the backside of his building.  As quickly as his day turned chaotic, it was over and police had House, Jr. in custody.

“It was a matter of minutes and it was all done and they had him caught and taken off so they did a great job,” Sanders said.

Afterward, Sanders and his staff were able to process what had actually happened and were thankful it didn’t go the way it could have gone. 

“He had a gun, he could’ve come in, I couldn’t have stopped him. Thankfully he didn’t come this way,” Sanders explained. 

For now, Sanders is more than okay with checking on the inevitable fender bender that happens on Dave Ward outside his office.  As a CPA he said this is not the time of year for excitement for him, “A little more exciting than we like to be at the end of July and tax season.  Outside of tax season, we like to have it a little more calm.”

According to investigators, House is now facing criminal charges after an attempted traffic stop escalated into an exchange of gunfire with the trooper on Dave Ward Drive.

The trooper and House were both unharmed during the shooting.

The charges that House is now facing are:

  • Aggravated Assault on a law enforcement officer, class Y felony
  • Simultaneous Possession of Drugs and Firearms, class Y felony
  • Possession of a schedule I or schedule II-controlled substance, class A felony
  • Fleeing, class D felony
  • Theft by Receiving, class C felony
  • False Imprisonment, class C felony
  • Speeding, misdemeanor
  • Possession of a controlled substance, misdemeanor

House is being held at the Faulkner County Detention Center with his bond set at $2 million.

Arkansas State Police are continuing to investigate.

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