BAXTER COUNTY, Ark. – A man is facing felony charges after Baxter County deputies say he was involved in a road rage incident.

According to the Baxter County Sheriff’s Office, 28-year-old Dixon Wayne Hutchins of Salesville was arrested Tuesday afternoon after he was accused of shooting at another driver.

Deputies said that dispatchers received reports that two vehicles were involved in the incident on Water Tower Road in Salesville. Shortly after, deputies said that they received reports of shots fired at one of the vehicles.

After arriving on the scene, deputies said that the victim told them that he was driving to his home when another car drove closely behind him in an aggressive manner.

Deputies said that the aggressive driver, later identified as Hutchins, followed the victim on Water Tower Road. Authorities said Hutchins blocked the roadway and approached the victim’s vehicle, yelling for him to get out.

Deputies said that Hutchins began shooting at the victim after he refused to get out his vehicle. The victim tried to back away from the suspected shooter, deputies said.

Deputies said the victim told them he heard roughly five shots come from Hutchins’ gun. Deputies said that the victim’s vehicle had multiple bullet holes in the hood, a ricochet on the windshield and one in the headlight.

While investigating, deputies said a nearby resident told them that his house had been shot during the incident. Authorities also noted that a passenger in Hutchins’ vehicle refused to provide any information on the incident.

Hutchins is currently being held at the Baxter County Detention Center on a $250,000 bond. He is facing two counts of aggravated assault and criminal mischief in the first degree, both felony offenses.

He is scheduled to appear before the Baxter County Circuit Court June 27th. Deputies said he has claimed self-defense.