Daycare Teacher Accused of Abusing Child Faces Assault Charges

BENTONVILLE, Ark. (KNWA) - A Bentonville woman turned herself into authorities on Wednesday after she was accused of abusing a child at a daycare where she worked. 

Corrine Lange, 59, faces charges of 3rd-degree Assault, a Class C misdemeanor. 

On June 5, Bentonville Police were dispatched to a child abuse call at the Children's Hour Daycare.

Officers say a mother contacted them and said she dropped off her child around 7:30 a.m. and picked her up later that day.

The mother said that as they walked toward the car, her daughter mentioned that Lange, "dumped her out of the bed."

According to the police report, Lange was a fill-in teacher.

The child said that Lange "held her against the wall until she could not breathe."

When the mother of the child heard this, she said she rushed back into the daycare to talk to the director. 

The director reviewed the security cameras in the classroom. 

The mother said they witnessed Lange grabbing the side of the child's cot. 

According to the police report, the surveillance video showed the teacher pulling the cot like she was trying to slide it out from under the child. When the child did not come all the way off of it, Lange grabbed the end of it and lifted it up, causing the child to tumble onto the floor, according to the police report.

Lange then took the cot out of the camera's view and the child followed her. 

The mother said the only thing she could see on camera was the bottom of the child's legs and Lange's arm. 

The mother said she could see the child flailing like she was trying to get traction.

Lange was holding the child against the wall and was pushing her stomach, according to the mother.

The director then told the mother that she would put Lange on administrative leave pending investigation with the licensing board. However, the mother said once she got home, she reported it to the police. 

The mother kept her child at home the next day. 

Lange was charged and released with a court date. 

Police say this investigation is ongoing. 

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