CONWAY, Ark – It’s been a year of no answers, but a family is still looking for justice after their loved one was shot and killed. 

On February 19th, 2022, Conway Police were called to The Stone Ridge at Conway apartment complex at approximately 4:41 am. 

When they arrived, they found a person on the ground who had been shot and killed.

At the time police hadn’t released the name, but on Monday, they confirmed that person was 17-year-old Tybor’Reonx Bufford. The family hopes someone will speak up if they know anything. 

Bufford’s mother, Takisha Stokes says she has 7 children and Bufford was the second oldest, losing a child Stokes says was her worst fear. 

“I always say I love you to come back alive because there’s so much stuff in this world, you never know. Stokes adds she was more than heartbroken when, “he didn’t come back alive this time.”

“I don’t know what he could of done or if he could have heard something because he wasn’t into anything

Stokes says she couldn’t believe it when she was told that he died because she says he wasn’t into anything bad and kept to himself, she adds that she saw Bufford at home hours before the shooting. 

“He was at home. I said ‘goodnight, I love you!’ I didn’t think he was going anywhere that night.” Bufford goes on to say, “his phone and his wallet [were still at home] and the door was left unlocked, that’s not him if he is not coming back he will lock the door.”

Stokes says Bufford’s life was taken away and he never got to truly live. 

“He was a senior at Conway High School, so instead of seeing him walk across the stage we walked past his casket,” said Stokes. 

She wishes she could have one more chance to hold him in her arms. 

“I would give everything just to hold him, tell him I love him one more time to just look into eyes and see that beautiful smile and for him to say ‘mama, I love you,” said Stokes.  

 She says she remembers Bufford most as a caretaker to his siblings. 

“He would start dinner, he would walk them home and make sure everything is okay and that is not there anymore,” said Bufford. 

Stokes says it’s been a hard year with no arrest in her son’s case, as she hopes for justice and also wants a change. 

“I hope we have more control over guns because it is a senseless act,” said Bufford.