NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – In North Little Rock, police are still investigating an early morning homicide on Saturday.

One man is dead and the person responsible is still out there.

Police were called out to the intersection of Camp Robinson and 41st Street for a report of gunshots.

When they got there, they found a man shot inside of his car. He died on scene.

This is the 10th homicide of the year in North Little Rock, making for a violent first 5 months of 2023.

Bethany Road, Parker Street, and East Broadway Street are all places that lives were lost in the city of North Little Rock.

“It’s devastating to the community and certainly those families affected,” Co-Chair for the North Little Rock CARES Coalition, Darrell Montgomery said.

According to police, so far in the year 2023, there have been ten homicides. Two of those happening almost within a week of each other. 

“It’s happening like I said in all sectors of the community, and so many citizens may not feel safe,” Montgomery said.

Darrell Montgomery has lived in North Little Rock for over 20 years, and he said hearing these kinds of statistics is heartbreaking. 

“It is very much shocking, usually as crime stats show the numbers usually increase during the summer and we are not there yet,” Montgomery stated.

With every blue light and crime scene tape put up, Darrell Montgomery said he calls on the community to make a change.

“I know we have had 10 thus far, and my heart goes out to those 10, but we don’t have to have another one, we can stop it right now. It comes down to individual choices, and I am saying there is a different choice,” Montgomery said.