CAMDEN, Ark. – Two people are in custody and two are still on the run after a shooting in Camden Wednesday that left a Camden Fairview High School student dead.

Police said it didn’t happen long after school was let out on Wednesday.

“The only thing I heard was 3 gunshots,” Charles Burns, who lives on the street of the crime, said.

It was a fight that ended with gunshots flying.

According to Camden Police, witnesses said two boys were walking home from school when a truck pulled up next to them at the intersection of Cleveland and Chestnut.

Four other boys jumped out of the truck and they all started fighting.

The two students were shot, and the four in the truck drove away.

“Our officers saw a juvenile male deceased near the roadway, he sustained two gunshot wounds,” lead investigator Ashley Watts said.

“Any death in the community is horrible to learn about but it’s hard because these kids have such a bright future ahead of them,” Camden Police PR Officer Asante Rogers said.

Police said the other victim was shot in the foot.

Burns lives down the street, and he said he heard the gunshots, then the sirens.

“There was plenty people around many police,” Burns said. “Many cars, street blocked and everything.”

Burns said this was unusual for this area.

“No, no, not often on this street,” Burns stated.

The Camden School District said the student’s death sent a shockwave through the community.

“It touches our teachers, our faculty, our staff, they are all mourning this loss,” Assistant Superintendent Tara Armstrong said.

Police have arrested one juvenile and one adult in connection to the shooting, and they are still actively looking for the other two suspects.

Anyone with information on the incident is urged to contact the Camden Police Department.