BEEBE, Ark. – A bystander from a Monday night trunk-or-treat recalls how the event turned terrifying as an intoxicated driver tore through the crowd.

On Monday night, investigators say 19-year-old Jordyn Gray crashed through a crowd of a Beebe trunk-or-treat event at a high speed while intoxicated.

Josh Hall, who was attending the event, said, “you just heard several people screaming.”

Hall said the car eventually quit working and stopped, then he, and another man rushed to wait with Gray until the police were able to get there. Hall said she had “glazed eyes and dilated pupils”.

Hall said Gray then got out of the vehicle and tried to taze the man with him, running when the police arrived. Officers were able to eventually arrest Gray.

Beebe police confirmed that no one was injured, but Hall feared it could have been a lot worse.

“My family was there, my baby is only two months old, and my daughter is nine — to think that there were several thousands of people, kids all over the place — it was really a scary situation,” Hall said.

Gray is facing charges of driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, resisting arrest, three counts of misdemeanor assault, criminal use of a prohibited weapon and 25 counts of aggravated assault. Gray is being held at the White County Detention Center.