BRYANT, Ark. – Rumors last week concerning a Bryant teacher being fired circulated on social media, and on Friday an arrest was made.

Former teacher, 32-year-old Heather Hare, was accused of sexual misconduct with a student which led to her being fired and a community in shock. On Friday Hare was arrested in the incident and now faces a charge of sexual assault.

Bryant residents spoke out about future concerns of the community.

I’m saddened. I think an adult, and you’re teaching our children, that you would take your platform to misuse and abuse someone else’s child,” Debra Calmes said. “It’s not fair to the community, it’s unfair to the parent, and child.”

Charity Thompson said she can’t believe the allegations about a teacher so close to home.

“I just heard it from a lot of friends and social media, and I think it’s pretty crazy. I wouldn’t expect that to happen around here,” Thompson said.

Calmes said something must be done to prevent these types of situations from happening to students.

“Something has to be done cause it’s going on all over,” Calmes said. “I’m from another state, I just moved here but it’s happening all over.”

Bryant police said the matter is still part of an ongoing investigation and could not provide any further information.

After reaching out to district officials for an updated response on Hare’s recent arrest, the district provided the same response after a decision was made last week to part ways with the former teacher.