CENTRAL ARKANSAS – Almost 150 pounds of cocaine was taken off the streets in one of two recent drug busts in Arkansas, leading to more than $8 million in drugs being taken off the streets.

“Law enforcement has a stiff task to try and stop this,” recovery advocate Christopher Dickie said.

As millions of cars drive down highways across the state, Arkansas State Troopers have been making traffic stops that have led to huge drug busts of illegal substances.

“Wave after wave of illegal substances and challenges hit our shoreline every day,” Dickie said.

In the span of a week, Arkansas State Police pulled over a car on Interstate 40 carrying approximately 50,000 fentanyl pills.

The street value of the drugs is estimated to be over $2 million.

“50,000 fentanyl pills is mind-boggling,” Dickie said.

Christopher Dickie has been in recovery for over 15 years after a long battle with addiction, even surviving an overdose himself.

He had worked hard to advocate for addiction recovery.

“Getting to use my past as an asset and a light today is truly incredible and I am extremely grateful,” Dickie stated.

He said hearing about law enforcement taking drugs off the street is encouraging because it is helping save so many lives.

“I am also tired of hugging on family members who have lost loved ones. The amount of people we have lost is heartbreaking,” Dickie said.

Not long after the fentanyl bust, Arkansas State Police pulled over a car on Interstate 40, carrying around 150 pounds of cocaine.

The street value of illegal drugs is estimated to be over $6.5 million.

“I hope it’s always a shock to see that kind of mass quantity and mass amount, but it serves as another sobering reminder that the supply is vast,” Dickie said.

Although he said it is great to see all the hard work law enforcement has done to take the drugs off the streets, there is still a lot more work to be done.

“If we don’t get together and do something, on a collaborative effort, we are going to continue to say goodbye to people that were accidental and needless,” Dickie stated.

According to police, both the drivers and passengers were taken into custody during both traffic stops.