LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – Four Americans went through a nightmare driving through Mexico Friday. They were kidnapped at gunpoint and missing until Tuesday when authorities found two dead and two injured. Authorities are still trying to find those responsible.

The group was traveling to the border city of Matamoros so one of them could get cosmetic surgery. Experts say about one million Americans travel to Mexico for medical procedures each year.

Little Rock resident Patti Yager got cosmetic surgery in 2020, but instead of driving, she flew in to Tijuana.

“I know of several friends who went, and I’ve seen them go and come back and everything was fine. I had an experience. I felt completely safe, but now would I go back because of that? I don’t know,” Yager said.

The US has “do not travel” advisories in place for six out of Mexico’s 32 states, including where the Americans were killed.