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Crawl Space Solutions of Arkansas is your local Basement Systems dealer serving all of Arkansas. We are locally owned and operated since 2008. Our team is comprised of crawl space repair and basement waterproofing experts.

We are the only Basement SystemsÒ dealer based in Arkansas, meaning we have exclusive access to a wide variety of products that are specially designed to keep crawl spaces and basements dry ALL THE TIME! All of our products come with a written, transferable warranty.

Our services include crawl space repair and basement waterproofing.


Why do I need to encapsulate my crawl space?
Homes that have crawl spaces often have dirt floors, because that is the cheapest way to go, but down the road it can cause many problems. With dirt floors and vents on the walls of the crawl space there is no protection from moisture.  Moisture invades the crawl space and causes a number of problems. Including mold, pests, and rotting wood.

I never go in my crawl space why do I need to worry about this?
Air naturally rises so the humidity of the crawl space goes up into the home and causes problems within the home. These problems can include, damp carpets, dust mites, buckling hard wood floors, increased heating or cooling bills, and even mold. 

I had someone pour concrete or put down a plastic liner is that good enough?
The short answer is no. If the liner is not sealed properly it does no good, also if the rest of the crawl space is not sealed off then rodents can still invade and tear this plastic liner making it useless. Some say that pouring concrete is a great idea, but there is one major problem the concrete does not stop the water vapor from coming into the crawl space and eventually up into the home. 


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