HENSLEY, Ark. – Loved ones of those buried at a cemetery in Hensley, Arkansas is looking for something to be done about the upkeep of their graves.

From a distance to some, the Rest in Peace Memorial Gardens Cemetery is what a cemetery should look like, Cheryl Yancy has a different opinion. 

“If I had the funds, I would dig mine up and put them somewhere else,” said Yancy. 

Yancy started a group on Facebook called “Petition Rest in Peace.” There are many comments in the group voicing their issues with the Rest In Peace Memorial Gardens. 

One of Yancy’s problems is the vase on her mother’s headstone is broken and hasn’t been fixed.

“If you damage something you need to replace it and fix it,” she said as she explains her communication with management and how she says they refuse to fix the vase. 

But Yancy says her problems are minor compared to others she has seen posted in the Facebook group. 

Angela Mccuien has several family members buried at Rest in Peace, but she’s unable to locate where a few are laid to rest. 

“You expect to come to a headstone to pay your respects and when you arrive you see that it’s not there.”

Jessica Lopez has a friend laid to rest here at Rest in Peace. She says since 2016 she’s had the same problem as Mccuien. 

The Director of the cemetery, Percy Webb says if a family can’t find their loved one, they should call the office and they’ll dig it up within at least 4 days.

Mccuien says that she doesn’t get a response when she reaches out to the cemetery office. 

On Facebook, many in the comments complain about their problem with management also. 

“They have been giving me the runaround for almost 4/5 years to the point I even looked up getting my momma removed from this place. If other cemeteries can keep up their site, then it should be no problem,” Mccuien said. “I have 3 uncles and a cousin that’s buried out there! I’m literally in a back & forth with the groundskeeper because of how he’s keeping the property!”

“I have like 10 loved ones out there and we can’t find any of them. It is horrible, their headstone is literally in the ground buried!” She added

For some graves, grass and weeds have them covered, leaving people to search with effort for their loved ones. 

Webb says the cemetery won’t trim the grass if fake flowers are placed on the headstone, only real ones. 

He adds that there are rules that need to be followed at Rest in Peace and if families do that, the problems they have would be solved.