How to make your own barbecue sauce


These barbecue sauce recipes will take your taste buds from Kansas City to Korea. TODAY Illustration / Ali Rosen

(NBC Today) By Ali Rosen

Summertime is synonymous with barbecue — and whether you’ve got a smoker in your backyard or you’re just getting started, there is nothing that gets a group more excited than some well-executed meat.

But we can’t all be pitmasters, so sometimes the sauce has got to do the heavy lifting for us. Barbecue techniques can work with most cuts of meat — from classic pork or brisket to chicken or even vegetables. Some barbecue aficionados rely on a rub for the actual cooking, but no matter what, you’re going to want a sauce to go along at some point. And a great barbecue sauce should be celebrated because it will keep your meat moist, give it a ton of flavor and add variety to your meal.

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