If you’re looking for a way to put some fun into your Easter celebration, here’s an idea for your dessert table: Easter Bunny cake!

The kids will LOVE it!

This coconut delight is easy to make and assemble into the bunny shape, complete with ears, nose, and whiskers!

Using white cake mix, make per package instructions using two round cake pans. After the cake has baked and cooled, form ear shapes from the first cake by rounding off the top part almost in a heart shape (you could also cut out two ear shapes — TIP: If you cut the ears from each side of the cake in a curve formation, the leftover cake should form a tie you can place under the face).

The second cake will form the face.

Put the cake pieces together.

Add white frosting over all of the cake, then sprinkle with coconut. As a bonus, you could use pink food coloring on some of the coconut to place as the inside of the ears.

Use two jelly beans for the nose, or even some of the pink coconut.

Add licorice twists for the whiskers, or thinly pipe on black gel frosting.

For the eyes you can use candy eyes or blueberries.