SALINE COUNTY, AR – A local woman who’s found a way to use her former profession to fulfill a passion is our latest Pay it 4ward recipient.

Every Tuesday and Friday, dozens file into an old house in the heart of Benton.

“When they come in, they grab a number and they have a seat,” says Sherry King, Pay it 4ward recipient.

Their faces are familiar to King.

CJCOHN is a place where families can get help with everything from food to clothing and utilities.

“I’ve always said if we get a dollar, it’s a dollar more than we had,” King says.

A former accountant, Sherry learned how to stretch every dime from the best.
“Mother and daddy didn’t have a lot of money and they saved, but they gave,” she explains.

Sherry’s work as the organization’s bookkeeper may be behind the scenes, but not when there’s a need in the community.

“I let her tell me everything she wants me to do,” King laughs.

“She’s not shy about asking,” says Pam Ray, CJCOHN food chairman. “That’s a great example. We need diapers at CJCOHN and the next thing I know someone is coming through the door with two handfuls of diapers.”

In front of a crowd of clients, KARK and Chick-fil-A surprised Sherry with a day at the spa.

“I can do that easy, easy. Yes,” she laughs.

“Sherry it’s always an honor to meet people like yourself who are paying it forward every day and volunteering your time. So, we just want to say thanks and honor you,”  Guy Parker with Chick-fil-A tells her.

There are no paid employees at CJCOHN. It is truly community-supported as 150 people from more than a dozen local churches serve as volunteers.

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