Miracle League Ballpark underwater, community hopes to rebuild

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – It’s hard for 8-year-old Barnes to see his ballpark underwater, just two weeks ago this was the spot he was playing Miracle League Ball with his team, the Astros. 

“It’s pretty heartbreaking. We spend a lot of time out here and every Saturday in Spring and Fall – seeing it like this, it’s really sad,” says Amanda Hargrove.

Amanda Hargrove says Miracle League is their favorite part of the week as Barnes runs the bases and entertains the crowd.

“He gets out there, he dances, he waves, he bows, he just has a big time every Saturday, it’s fun for him,” she says.

Miracle league uses a specialty turf for kids in wheelchairs, and they don’t know if it will withstand the power of this flood. 

“We don’t know. That’s the challenge. We have no idea,” says Peggy McCall.

Peggy McCall says they’re staying optimistic.

“We’ll figure it out. We always figure out. We’ll get it done. We’ll be playing in the fall,” says Peggy McCall.

And she’s hoping the community can help them rebuild. This Sunday, June 9th they’re hosting a burger competition in the heights, a $20 ticket will get you 10 sliders from the best chefs in the state and ever dollar goes to the Miracle League. 

“The chefs are competing for a golden ticket to a world food competition which is huge,” says Peggy.

That’s just one way to help. 

“If you can’t come, go to our website and donate, we need everybody’s help,” says Peggy.

So that kids like Barnes can play ball and dance on the field again this season. 

“I really hope people will rally together and help us out,” says Amanda.  

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