LITTLE ROCK, Ark – While most people will go door to door looking for treats this Halloween, one neighbor in Hillcrest is making sure at least some get a few scares.

Monday afternoon final touches were put on a haunted house in Hillcrest that’s sure to surprise people long after they walk out the door.

“I love horror, Halloween, I love all scary things,” said Jack Moore.

Moore is in the 7th grade and is the mastermind behind all things that go bump in the night at his haunted house ‘The Haunting of Hellcrest.’

From start to finish, the young teenager designs builds and runs the haunted house all on his own.

“I draw out the area and then I write all the rooms, write what I want in it, what animatronics, and then I go from there,” said Moore.

Moore says he started designing the houses when he was about five years old.

“The first year we had it, we put up a graveyard, a cemetery, and we had some other props and animatronics,” said Moore.

A few tombstones and clowns later, the haunt has gone from small-scale to big-time scare.

“[My parents] They just rolled with it,” said Moore.

At night, lights will go out and Moore’s friends will lurk in the shadows, hoping to get a few more screams before Halloween night is over.

The haunted house will be open on Halloween night from 6:30 pm – 11 pm. At 811 N. Van Buren street.

Admission is free and donations will be accepted.