Arvest Million Meals Campaign succeeds in feeding folks in need


The numbers are in, and the 9th Annual Arvest Million Meals Campaign has been a rousing success.

Food insecurity is an issue in all four states Arvest serves — Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.

The two-month campaign kicked off in April, and 29 organizations from the four-state area received donations to provide meals to local, hungry families. 

617,314 meals were provided in Northwest Arkansas alone. 

“This initiative is extremely important to Arvest and the community because hunger is such a big issue and especially in your own communities,” said Lauren Riddell, Arvest marketing manager. “Sometimes you don’t think that it is the way that it is. So it’s very important that everyone works together to reach the goal. And that’s why we’re so proud we’ve gotten to where we have with this campaign.”

Food pantries typically face shortages in the spring and summer months. Donations are lower and need increases as food insecure children are not receiving food through school nutrition programs.

With your help, Arvest beat its goal of one million meals. 

A grand total of 2,468,873 meals were raised in the four-state area, which is a record for the Million Meals initiative. 

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