LITTLE ROCK, Ark – Arkansas moms say it’s a nightmare come to life as many still struggle to feed their babies with a dwindling supply of baby formula.

Even with the extra formula from the government, moms say shelves don’t stay stocked for long and are now relying on each other to find formula.

“It’s just impossible to believe that that would ever happen,” said North Little Rock mom Montana Yoder. “Some people are going state to state and not finding any.”

Yoder has a six-month-old at home. She says she bought baby formula a few weeks ago as back-up, fearful her breast milk supply would run out.

She says she had about a month’s worth of formula, and now she’s giving it away.

“I’ve always been raised that you know that you know when we’re going through a crisis, the best way we can pull through is together,” said Yoder.

Yoder posted to Facebook asking if any moms needed formula, stating that she had some to give.

Yoder says in the last couple of weeks, she’s seen similar posts of moms donating what they have to people in need.

“I think it’s amazing that we’ve come together as a community to try and tell people ‘Hey we’ve got this extra or Hey I need this,” said Yoder.

BethAnne Travis has a nine-month-old at home. She says she went to four different stores looking for formula and had no luck.

Travis says she was at her breaking point and then she got a message from one of her long-time friends.

“She texted and said, ‘I’m bringing Emma milk’,” said Travis.

Travis’ friend lives in Mississippi and had the breast milk driven 300 plus miles to the mom in need.

“I was just broken into tears because I was just thankful,” said Travis.

Travis says she’s gotten messages from people all over the world asking how they can help, believing there is still good in the world.

“People are not going to let these babies go hungry and I am so thankful for that,” said Travis.