HELENA, Ark,.-Angry and upset is how Beth Florek, the Director of the Humane Society of the Delta is feeling after she said someone broke into the shelter and made dogs fight each other.

“I feel sorry for them number one and that would probably hurt their ego worse than to tell them how mad I am at them,” Florek said.

A dog named Rubio was severely injured and went to the hospital.

They called the sheriff’s office but Florek said they need all the help they can get.

They have to pay the medical bills for Rubio, fix the damaged kennels and get a security system installed.

On Wednesday, Florek said the 8-year old dog was attacked by other dogs at the shelter.

“He had 17 different bite lacerations on him that I counted,” Florek said.

Florek received a phone call from workers who live close to the shelter.

“They heard the dogs barking and barking. They knew something was wrong,” Florek said.

They discovered dogs running free and attacking Rubio.

Florek believes a suspect broke in and made the dogs fight.

“Somebody had come onto the premises of the shelter and had gotten behind the fence and was able to open the cages,” Florek said.

Florek said the fight left Rubio with parts of his ear gone and two surgeries at the hospital.

“Rubio being the older guy was the sitting duck for the dogs they put in there,” Florek said.

Florek said they started raising money on the Humane Society of the Delta Facebook page to help Rubio, fix the damaged kennels and install a security system.

“Everything that we have is by donations,” Florek said.

Florek said it makes her angry to know that someone would cause harm to animals.

“We’ve had that happen before but this time I think it was just a sport. Just mean people out to do mean stuff,” Florek said.

Florek said Rubio is doing a lot better. He will spend the rest of the weekend at the hospital before going home with someone and getting more care.

Once he is doing well he will be ready for adoption.

If you would like to help the society, click here for more information.