Digital Original: Rescue pup saves family from venomous snakes

Clear the Shelters

STUTTGART, Ark. – If you ever questioned adopting a rescue dog well look no further than one mother from Stuttgart.

Elaina Sim posted to social media a picture of her rescue dog Santo with a swollen face after being attacked by a cottonmouth snake.

“It could have been any of us,” says Sim.

Santo, a pit bull, killed the venomous cottonmouth snake and it’s seven babies that had unbeknownst to them formed its nest in her garage.

“My children regularly play outside and in the garage,” explains Sims. “And Santo always enjoys going outside with them when they play.”

Sims believes the snakes, which are known to be aggressive, could have easily attacked one of her children.

“My children may not have known that they were real snakes,” explains Sims. “I am really glad we got Santo.”

Sims explains Santo is doing better but that the venom has the pup still laid up indoors and recovering.

“The vet said the venom could have potentially killed a small child but for a dog, they typically can withstand it,” she says.

Sims says she was a little worried at first about introducing a rescue pit bull to her two young children but after what happened this past weekend she says she feels beyond blessed.

“The end message would be to take a chance on a rescue dog because you never know if they will save you back,” explains Sims.

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