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Running Around: An Aural Observation on the Modern Chaos

BOSTON, MA, USA, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Today marks the release of a musical commentary that delves deep into the fast-paced chaos of our contemporary world. "Running Around," the latest track from Mark Femino, featuring Jonathan Daddis on piano, takes listeners on a journey through the relentless speed of life, the divisive nature of social media, and the fractures in our collective logic.

This collaboration between is more than just a musical venture; it's a testament to the enduring bond between two old friends who shared the stage for nearly seven years. The highlights their musical synergy but also serves as a reflection on the challenges and complexities of our times.

"Running Around" captures the essence of a world that can't seem to slow down. The poignant piano melodies draw listeners into a sonic landscape that mirrors the constant buzz of polarizing social media feeds and the cracks in the logic that seem to grow wider each day. Listeners are challenged to rethink their objectives for engaging and weigh the ideas of love, hate, and ambivalence.

Femino reflected on the inspiration behind the track, and shared, "This song is our way of expressing the whirlwind of the present moment. It's an exploration of the highs and lows, the fast pace, and the contradictions that define our world today. Collaborating with Daddis on piano adds a unique dimension to the track, and a depth that only (IRL) friendships can have and an intimacy that can’t be achieved by making a computer keyboard the central hub of communication. Truly, it’s an artistic partnership."

The release of "Running Around" comes at a time when the need for introspection and thoughtful commentary regarding the societal landscape is more pressing than ever. There is a real call to action to reflect on the themes presented, and to join in the conversation about the state of our world.

About Mark Femino: Mark is a musician’s musician and teaches music to grades 1-12. You can find Mark on Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, and SoundCloud when he isn’t playing locally. Femino has been a regular at The Barking Crab, The Hard Rock Cafe, The Harborside Lounge, Sterling Street Brewery, and Bamboo Westford and all of this while still releasing music. When he isn’t making music, you will find him spending time with his daughter or his pets.

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