Retired teachers volunteer at school to help with reading scores


NORTH LITTLE ROCK, Ark. — Some retired teachers are getting back in the classroom to make a difference in reading scores. Once a week. Michele Wasson comes to North Little Rock Middle School to help 6th graders with reading.

“Working with them at a younger level besides high school alerted me to the fact that we needed some intervention,” says Michele Wasson, Retired Teacher. “Even as a retired teacher, I want them to do the very best they can.”

Wasson taught for 20 years before retiring, but she’s back in the classroom because she wants to help students bring up their reading scores.

“I want as many kids as possible to be successful adults and that’s just so important. We need to give them a chance to do so,” she says.

Retired teachers are conducting literacy tests with every 6th grader to determine what level they’re reading at and comprehending. Students will read three stories to them, all one minute each. Then they get a minute to respond with what they remembered from that story.

“I’d like to see our scores come up. I don’t think they’ll come up until we get a really good reading program going,” says Tammy Collier, Retired Teacher.

Now, that’s what educators are working on, hoping the learning goes beyond the classroom.

“Everybody needs to practice reading with their kids at night,” Collier explains.

Collier understands parents and teachers need help too, that’s why she volunteered.

“It’s rewarding to talk to them and explain to them that they can do this.”

Together, these retired teachers are helping pave the way for student success, and hope you can join them too.

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