LITTLE ROCK, AR-Training to be a service dog starts early for the lucky few who have what it takes to be a student of Cabot’s “Veteran’s Best Friend” organization.

“You have to be a confident dog,” said founder Greg Sporer. “No anxieties or fears… We go through a lot of good dogs we assess until we find a good one.”

These dogs must be well trained and disciplined, but at he same time caring and loving.

A mix of both means they’re invaluable to Iraqi war veterans like Dustin Warren, whose right hand dog ‘Jake’ is always there.

Warren could hardly leave the house before they were paired together.

“The quality of life for me and my family has tremendously changed,” said Warren.

Why it was important for him to make it out to the Dog Bowl in West Little Rock Saturday.

“We have to spread the word,” said Warren. “Get more girls and guys on it.”

Get the word out on Sporer’s service, what better person to train and match these dogs, than a veteran himself.

“Anything that veteran can’t do we teach the dogs to do,” said Sporer. “Our service dogs do so much for veterans.”