When Should You Seek Help for Anxiety?


We know that in life we all face anxiety. It can be motivating at times, and is normal. For example, most people become anxious before a job interview, speaking in front of a large crowd or trying something new.

Anxiety can also be increased during times of change, or other life events when we feel we have no control. It can become heavy, and feel like an unwelcome visitor that wants to take residence in our minds when left unaddressed.

Signs that you may need to seek help with a licensed mental health services professional to learn how to manage your anxiety include:

  • An inability to turn off thoughts, resulting in issues sleeping or getting through your day-to-day life
  • Feeling fatigued or tense in the body
  • Feeling like the world is moving too fast around you and you can’t catch up or take a breath
  • Panic attacks
  • Medicating with substance abuse
  • Persistent negative self talk
  • Feeling ruled by high expectations, perfectionist behaviors, or even being rigid
  • Becoming socially withdrawn or isolated

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