Accessing Care


Baptist Health is equipped to address the coronavirus disease, COVID-19, and remains committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of those we serve. Our healthcare organization’s facilities and staff are prepared to treat patients with highly infectious diseases – including those with conditions much more serious than COVID-19.

Before traveling to a Baptist Health facility, those with symptoms should follow guidance from the Arkansas Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to keep the facility’s environment safe and healthy for everyone.

People who feel they may have been exposed to COVID-19 and are showing symptoms should avoid coming to the hospital or a physician’s office, if at all possible. If someone is in need of immediate medical attention and suspects COVID-19 exposure, they should notify their provider or the 9-1-1 operator and let them know the situation before visiting any facility.

To avoid the risk of visiting a medical facility, Baptist Health Virtual Care offers a stay-at-home solution. We have urgent care centers staffed for those who need immediate assistance. 

Services from a provider are available over video 24/7. Before going to an urgent care facility or emergency department, visit Baptist Health Virtual Care.Virtual Care

At our urgent care locations, we are available to evaluate patients who may be concerned about COVID-19 (coronavirus).Urgent Care

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