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Mother Searches For Answers Two Years After Son's Murder

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - A mother is preparing to spend her third Christmas holiday with questions about who killed her son. Kris Harris was killed in Little Rock two years ago. 

She says she hasn't celebrated a Christmas since her son was murdered. She believes someone knows something, but won't come forward. 

With each ornament on Chercora Harris' tree, and gift wrapped underneath, she's reminded of her son Kris killed one week before Christmas. 

This will be her first time celebrating since Kris was shot multiple times and killed at the Stone Ridge Apartments in Little Rock on December 18, 2015. 

"By the time I got down there, he was laying on the ground. He was still breathing," Chercora said. 

He died by her side. What's meant to be a happy time is filled with sadness for her. 

"It's been pure hell since this has happened," Chercora said. 

She says for the past two years, she's been waiting for justice to be served and the person who pulled the trigger to answer questions. 

"I really want to know why. The type of person my son was, he would have helped anybody. To harm somebody? No," Chercora said. 

She believes someone knows more and isn't coming forward. 

"Maybe one day they will find it in their heart to come out and just tell," Chercora said. 

She says this holiday she'll have Kris' young daughter at her house to enjoy Christmas, but she'll be the one answering tough questions. 

"She's always asking 'Where is my daddy?' But trying to explain to her that he's not coming back and he's in heaven is kind of hard," Chercora said. 

A new Little Rock Police detective has taken over the case. Other than that, there isn't any new updates. If you know anything, call authorities. 

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