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UAMS Helping Connect Homeless Mothers to Resources

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. - As many as 30 babies a month born at UAMS do not have a place to come home to. 

A troubling statistic the hospital system is working to change by bridging the gap between homeless pregnant women and services available to them.  

 "I just praise the good Lord that I make it," Cindy Evans said as she applies for jobs online. 

Through services like the adult career center at Our House, she has a fighting chance. 

Because her journey didn't start here... 

"It was hard on the streets and not knowing my way around and stuff," she said. 

While battling addiction and homelessness, Evans found herself pregnant. 

"Well, it's hard. It was hard. Especially for somebody that doesn't have family here," she said.  

An emotional time not far behind her, but a present day reality for more Central Arkansas moms than many realize. 

 "Estimating up to 30 a month," Dr. Bryant-Moore said.  

That number that led UAMS Associate Professor Dr. Keneshia Bryant-Moore to take action. 

"I couldn't imagine being a  mom with a newborn and nowhere to go," Bryant-Moore said. 

A UAMS homeless workgroup that started in 2016 has expanded into a full seminar called "Supporting Families in Crisis." 

It brings together resources for those who need them, and for those who need to share them. 

On March 13, 2018, the seminar will focus on women who are homeless and pregnant. 

"So if there's anyway as healthcare providers we can identify the moms while they're pregnant and get them the services they need by partnering with organizations in the community, to me that's the ideal situation," Bryant-Moore said.  

Preventative measures are helping moms like Evans and making sure the connection is made when the timing is critical. 

 "Without them, I wouldn't be here today," Evans said. 

This seminar is happening from 11 to 2 PM Tuesday, March 13th at the Centre at University Park (6401 W. 12th St.) in Little Rock.

Along with learning about services provided in the area, they'll also be discussing where there may still be shortfalls in helping homeless mothers. 

The event is free and open to the first 150 people. Lunch is provided. 

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