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Two-Headed Rattlesnake Found in Arkansas

JONESBORO, Ark. - The local Nature Center is sure to attract droves of visitors with the recent donation of a rare creature: a two-headed rattlesnake.
The rare, venomous snake was found Wednesday, September 6, and is believed to have been captured near Forrest City.
A Facebook post from a friend of the man who caught the snake reads, "It is absolutely real! But I don't think it's a sign from God that the end times are near..."
The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission (AGFC) confirmed the snake is, indeed, real.
The author of the Facebook post, Mark Young, explained that Rodney Kelso, District Two Manager at Woodruff Electric, was the one who caught the snake.
The snake, whom Kelso named Deuce, is alive and was donated to Crowley's Ridge Arkansas Game and Fish Nature Center in Jonesboro to be put in the care of professionals.
Visitors may drop by Crowley's Ridge Nature Center to see the specimen for themselves.

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