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Home with 3 Kids Inside Hit by 17+ Bullets

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.-- More than a dozen bullets flew through a Little Rock home Saturday morning narrowly missing 3 kids inside- including a 6-week-old baby. 

Little Rock Police said the house on East Wakefield Drive was shot up around 6:30 Saturday morning. 

We learned a 6-week-old boy, 3-year-old girl and 14-year-old were all inside the house with other family members when it happened. 

Dorothy Stevens lives in the home that bullets pierced. 

She said, "It(the violence) needs to stop. It needs to stop. This needs to stop. It's not about being brave. It's not about trying to prove a point. It's about stopping (and) needing some peace and love. It needs to stop."

She held her great-grandson who is just 6-weeks-old while standing in her living room bullets flew through Saturday morning. 

"Just blessed. I'm m just so thankful to God like I said he didn't get shot his little sister no one got hurt the because the bullets right over the bed they had just laid him down 

Stevens described what she heard. 

She said, "You know I wake up and all I hear is 'pow' 'pow' 'pow.' All this shooting (started) and telling [sic] my niece to hit the floor and everybody's hitting the floor and everything.

Outside her home, her landlord helps her make repairs.

John Apple said, "I see it every day on the news and I think it will never involve me. It will never get close to me but today it got close to me."

Around 6:30 a.m. Saturday someone shot up his tenant's home. Bullets hit pictures and pierced walls. One bullet even shattered the back patio door. All this happened while 3 kids were inside the home. 

Apple said, "The repairs are nothing. I'm just here to help her out."

Evidence markers were almost everywhere we looked inside her home. 

The great-grandmother said, "It was just, it was just so much fear. And then to go outside and see I think over 60 shells or close to it that they found outside (and) the vehicles the vehicles were shot up and how many holes are in this house? It's just a miracle that we're still alive you know?"

She said she feared her home was targeted because one of her grandkids who doesn't live with her runs with the wrong crowd. 

"If anyone would have been standing or raised up they probably wouldn't be there now," she said as tears rolled down her face. 

Little Rock Police are investigating the case. 

Stevens said she wants the violence to end. 

"I wish it would just stop. It's not that you can take innocent peoples lives because someone made a post on Facebook and you come after their family," she told us. 

Stevens' powerfully pleas for violence to end because a miracle miss might not happen again. 

This was not the first time violence has hit that street recently. We reported less than a month ago another house on that same block got shot up. We reported one woman suffered a non-life threatening injury in that case. 

No one has been arrested. 

If you have any information you're asked to call LRPD. 

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