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Brawl Breaks Out at Pee Wee Football Game in Clarendon

Three People Arrested; Deputy Injured

CLARENDON, Ark. - Tempers flared, igniting a brawl at a Peewee football game in Clarendon Tuesday night, authorities say.

The fight was captured on video and broadcast live on Facebook. The woman behind the camera can be heard reacting to the scene.

"Y'all, I have never seen anything like this before in my life," she says.

Punches instead of footballs were thrown as the game between Hazen and Stuttgart sixth graders ended with kids in tears and adults in handcuffs.

"This is pitiful this is so pitiful," the woman behind the camera is heard saying.

The footage shows bleachers emptying and parents rushing onto the field. At least one man can be seen covered in blood.

"Lord have mercy," a bystander can be heard saying.

Monroe county sheriff Michael Neal reacted to the scene in an interview on Wednesday.

"That's not what the kids need to see," Neal says.

"That's not how this game is performed."

 Neal says the fourth-quarter chaos left one of his female deputies badly hurt..

"When the fight broke out, she rushed the field to help break up the fight and was hit by an adult male in the face."

Three people were arrested. Sheriff Neal expects to arrest even more after looking over the disturbing video.

"There was kids standing in fear, crying," Neal says.

As things appeared to calm down, suspects are seen taken away. Blue lights flashed, surround the stadium.

Then, the camera captures a powerful moment: two players sobbing and embraced in a hug.

"That's love right there," the woman behind the camera can be heard saying.

"That's love."

The hug illustrated a game-winning play when all else seemed lost.

Anyone with video or information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Monroe County Sheriff's Office to assist with their ongoing investigation.

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